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At that moment...

That day........ for most part of that day, he remembered only about pacing back and forth, straining his ears for a sound, watching the doors with so much anticipation for a vision. The anxiety, nervousness and the fear, was nothing he had ever experienced in his life. Life? oh life seemed have stopped moving in that corridor, every tick and every tock of the clock was hammering in his ears, for he waited with batted breath for a word.
And then he heard, the fierce, angry, agitated cry, but for his ears it felt like music. The first sound through the doors and the world stopped at that second. There was no tick tock and no sound. Absolute stillness and then he saw the vision. The vision of his dreams, the vision of his future, the vision of his new identity.
The lady smiled at him and said something, but his ears couldn’t hear her voice, for it was straining to hear the sound of the little bundle in her hands. The small being, which was looking at him with big black eyes.
And then eve…