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Spring is the time, where you can see riot of colours everywhere. The sun will be smiling, the flowers dancing and there will be celebration everywhere. Spring which is also known as "Vasanth Ruthu" is the celebration of new life.

New beginning

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April 12th
The sound of the empty office was haunting. Pankaj sat there, in front of his laptop staring at the screen wallpaper. He had finished his work as usual at the normal office ending hours. But he was still there 3 hours later just staring at his laptop. He didn’t want to go home. Or to the place he had once called home.
He remembered those days when he couldn’t stay a minute more than necessary in the office. The days where he lied to go early or to take a leave, just so he could spend time in his home.
His happy, laughing home.
Now neither there were any laughs nor any happiness left.
Pankaj whirled around in his chair to stare out of the window. Guilt overlapped his every emotion and ate him alive every minute. He felt like he is the one who leeched o…