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Do you think they know???.... ........ Nah

Jagjit singh was at his melodious best on the CD playing in the background, laughs were adding a mood of celebration in between, glasses were clinking, cutlery were clunking indicating happy surroundings all in all. After all 10 years of marriage was worth some celebration to mark of the milestone. Samyuktha and Samyam were a couple to be envied of. Even now the fond looks that passed between them hadn’t lost its intensity in 10 years. It was a small party with 4 closest friends of the couple. They were friends for a long time that felt more like family gathering rather than a party. The meal ended with many speeches and toasts, wishes and hopes. Everybody squeezed in a tidbit or two, once every few minutes someone became the butt ofa joke. It was not like any anniversary dinner, it seemed that anniversary was being used as a reason for friends to meet up and enjoy. Samyam took his two best friends of many years to have a drink of whiskey to mark the end of the day, while Samyuktha wa…