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Valentine's day

She sighed. The rain rapped at her door panes like memories were tapping in her mind. She couldn’t stop but remember all the moments they spent together and all the moments they didn’t. She opened the balcony door and let the rain drench her. The force of the incoming rain was in rhythm with the force of her nostalgia. She remembered rain more differently before when there were still reasons to smile, reasons to love and reasons to enjoy rain.
Words of their conversations kept coming back to her in rapid speed. She remembered every moment. The day he proposed ….
“My Dear Sanjana, my love. I never thought I would ever meet a person in my life who will be center of my thoughts, desires and dreams. And then I met you, I fell in love with you and I am happy with you. And I want to spend my whole life trying to make you as happy as I am. Will you marry me”
He had gotten down on one knee, in a crowded dining room and said those beautiful words of love. She cried from joy that day while she ac…