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Second Chance

Listen Mr.Thaygi, we had a contract between us, and now at this crucial stage you can’t back out like this...... well fine then, I will sue you and we will negotiate in the court then, beware Mr.Thaygi I don’t tolerate fools but I certainly hate cheaters..... Fine, consult with your team and make a decision, and next time you call my secretary to talk, my time is precious to waste it on you. Samrat Ahuja, ‘Sam’ to his dearest friends and ‘Shark’ to the business world, got down from his car and glanced up at the beacon of his success “Ahuja Towers”. He started to walk up the stairs when suddenly he hears “Uncle don’t step on that flower”. Samrat doesn’t give a heed to that plea and steps on a beautiful white flower, which had fallen down from the bouquet that little girl was holding. He felt an odd relief, like having a revenge on that flower, on the girl who used to like white flower. Samrat shakes his head to clear up the thoughts. The hard panes of his face gets more hard, his fin…