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Over a cup of tea ...... (part 2)

(Part one of the story can be found here)

Over a cup of tea...... (Part 1)

(Ok This is not my normal short story... but somehow i couldn't make it short.. so the story is written in two parts.. am completing the second part yet.. hope you enjoy it as well as my short stories.. happy reading..)

December’s misty morning had never felt so thick in Arjun’s life before. Driving his car through the thick fog was like the movement of thoughts in his depressed mind. Six years of relationship had lost its value, he never thought Vidya would turn out to be so selfish, mean and hard hearted. “Hard hearted” he gave a throaty laugh thinking “She doesn’t have a heart to harden”. He continued laughing, a big huge laugh, like he is trying to push out the hurt out of his heart. His car gave a lurch and slowed down and completely stopped in middle of no-where.
Arjun stopped laughing and got out of his car, he never knew how to repair a car and he was not going to try now. He looked around himself, only to realize that he had absolutely no idea where he was and how far from…


Silence was something she associated with very well. She was a calm, patient person from the moment she opened her eyes. Through family, schools and college, silence was something everybody expected of her. The major part of her small world was silent and she loved it. Married to a soft and calm guy, gave her leave to be silent further in her life. She loved her routine silent life and didn’t want to change a thing in it. Silence had a capacity to soothe her, it had a depth to allure her. Until one day....

Sadvi was feeling nauseous and tired that day, her health was her strong point. She was a very very healthy person and she worked well to keep it like that. But that day was different. She didn’t want to dwell on that so she took a leave and took rest. Felt happy that Sourav wanted to stay back to look after her, but she shooed him away and took rest.
Her condition didn’t improve the next day or the next day or the next day. On the fourth day she finally decided to visit the doctor. …