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Journey of Mr.X

The waiting lounge in the airport was not that cheery as he expected, he bought a coffee and sat down on a cold chair in the depressing lounge. He checked his watch to note that he still had a long time, just then he heard her voice.
"Excuse me, Can I join you?"
He looked around himself to make sure she is talking to him and gestured her to sit down. He noted that she had no other place to sit, other than the chair vacant in his table.
She placed her trolley neatly by her side and slide in the chair opposite to him, placed  her coffee down and smiled at him while she said "Thank you, I was hoping you were alone"
He was bewildered, imagining her flirting with him at the first contact, he squinted his eyes skeptically while he asked "What?"
She looked up to him, saw his expression and chuckled while she said "I mean, so that I can sit here. I didn't mean it in any other way"
But before she said her explanation he was smiling at the stupidity of hi…