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Almost..... in love

Mihir was very unhappy, because it was raining that day. Normally the weather wouldn't worry him much or rather he wouldn't even notice that. But today due to these rains his flight was cancelled. To anybody else looking out the window at the rain, may have sighed to the magical feel it brought. But not Mihir, he wouldn't be caught dead with an expression of longing on his face. The only thing which was bugging his mind was that his meeting with the investors  was being attended by his subordinate and not him. And all the plans for the week was disturbed, by this rain.
Mihir reached his office and as he entered he asked his assistant to call Mr.Satish to his cabin. Mr.Satish came into his office with pile of plans and a proper knock. It was forbidden to enter into his office without knocking, no matter what situation.
Mihir beckoned him to start and Mr.Satish started explaining "Sir, these are the plans you asked me to redesign, but no matter in what angle I look, I do…