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Last chance

“Did you hear what happened”
“I heard, I was shocked... how did all this happen”
“Oh, it was not a sudden death, after a long suffering dying was a relief actually”
“But she was our baby”
“Oh, look I think he is coming”

“Settle down everybody, I know you have heard a lot of rumours in recent times and you want a confirmation about the tragic events. It is with wounded heart and grave disappointment I have to announce today that, Humanity is no more. She was suffering from a long time and last night she finally drew her last breath. Humanity struggled a lot to be alive, but I regret to tell you that we could not save her” said Honesty with tears in his eyes.
Kindness wiped her tears and asked in choked voice “How did this happen, I mean what is the cause of her death”
Honesty took a moment to gather his wits and answered “Kindness you know that Humanity took birth from a part of all of us, and when we weakened, her death was the first causality”
Diligence asked in a strong voice “But we took …

Give me one reason......

Finally the bus started moving, and by the time everybody boarded up and started towards their destination Anjali let out a huge breath and was already leaving her worries behind.She still didn’t know how she ended up here on this bus, with these people.She knew she was forced into this 10 day trip organized by a friend of a friend of a friend of somebody. But she had not wanted to come, she wanted to be back home with her sister, sharing her tears. But her sister had pushed and her best friend Ruchi had pulled. Ruchi needed a companion as the trip was from her boyfriend’s side and she needed somebody from her side. Anjali always found it hard to say no to Ruchi, when she requested with those big eyes, she could never deny her.
So here she was between virtual strangers for a 10 day supposed enjoyment. Maybe this was better, she thought, she needed breathing space, so much had happened recently. She needed time to gather her wits back, to keep herself sane. Only then she could take car…


Doomsday has arrived and is going on pretty well. People have gone to work, children have gone to school and others are busy with their work. But yeah, it seems doomsday has arrived.
I have always noticed that man no matter what his state of mind is, he is an optimistic being. For years together everybody has predicted the end of world, end of time but still he merrily goes around planning for the future.
In the times of Mahabharat when Yaksha asked Yudhishtira or Dharmaraya “What is the greatest wonder of this world”, he had answered “The fact that man makes plans for tomorrow, when he doesn’t know when his life going to end.”
But my question is, are we really living in a doomsday-free world. When I look around me, I see happiness, family, love, smiles. But I also see destruction, corruption, brutality also.
Where is the humanness in the people who destroyed the life of that young girl in Delhi. It makes you cringe from the society and wish that if only you could cocoon yourself from …

So Ordinary ....

She was striding towards washroom, exerting the full force of her anger in her long steps. She entered the washroom and was relieved to see that it was empty. She immediately locked herself in a stall and let go of her calm face.
“That evil #$#%#$^$%& woman, what does she think about him. Clinging to him like a parasite. I am going to kill her this time, stupid %^&^*$%@$#@$#%.”
Once her anger had come down a bit, she walked out of the stall and turned towards the mirror to adjust her makeup. She stood there and scrutinized herself. She was good looking enough. At the age of 36 she didn’t look bad at all. Okay agreed she was not 20 or 25 anymore but, she was not bad. The designer black saree with a lacey design suited her. Her haircut was chic according to new fashion, she had attitude to carry off her status and style. She drooped her shoulders with the over looming ‘but’. But, she thought, she was ordinary, she was not extra ordinary beauty, she was sharp but not intelligent,…

Housewife wala life

“Oh god, it’s already 1, am late again” thought Sushmita, while she was trying to cross the road in a hurry to reach the restaurant where she was supposed to meet her school friends for their monthly lunch date with each other.
She knew her four dearest friends will have their patience at the limit. They were all in some big shot careers and never never tolerated her coming late. Even though they expected her to be late all the time. Sushmita smiled thinking how irritated they might be this time. She could even imagine the words they are going to throw at her as soon as she sits down.
Hmm lets see, she thought. Ranjita who is an advocate will say “ Sushi come on now.. you cant be late all the time, for once please just to surprise me and come on time”
And Shoba who works as a software engineer will agree “Ranjita, calm down. But Sush you have to agree she is right”
And at that time definitely Aarathi who is a well-known reporter will jump in for her rescue “hey guys come on cut her some …

If Only............

It was a Friday evening, the start of the weekend. The weather was mellow, the winter was yet to begin. When Praful got a call from his boss, when he was enjoying the evening with beer and friends. “Damn this guy, doesn’t give me a moment’s peace” said Praful then pressed the answer button “Yes sir, ................ No sir, its ok tell me................ I have already sent the report sir...................... Ronit sniggered and told Gaurav in whispered “Looks like somebody is boss’s pet” Praful hung up the phone and took a long sip of his beer “ guys am telling you this guy is a huge bore... he just keeps repeating the same things over and over again........... I just wish that there was mute button to his mouth so that I can just turn off his sound whenever I want” Ronit and Gaurav laughed seeing the state of Praful’s state of frustration. Ronit controlling his laugh looked at his friend’s face saying “Ok ok we are sorry for laughing, but you have to agree that this is funny... I mean…


“So, tell me mom... Did you have a boyfriend in your life before Dad?” asked Shreya with naughty twinkling eyes, looking up from her coffee at her smiling mom’s face and daring her to answer. Saroj took a minute to react, she sat down on the dining table appearing to think and remember, while letting the anticipation grow in shreya’s eyes and replied, mentally ticking off from an imaginary list “Hmmm lets see, I had one, two, three and four if you count that and maybe five and six if you consider....” “Mom, stop teasing..... Saroj laughed in fondness and pinched her darling daughter’s cheek “well you started it” Shreya kept down her half empty coffee cup and asked hesitantly “Ok, mom.. hmm what I wanted to know was... .... well ... that is.... ok... I know you love dad a lot and all, and you miss him so much after all these years... but still was he your first and only love or.....” Saroj was still smiling but there was a scrutiny in her eyes when she looked into shreya’s eyes to search fo…