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Doomsday has arrived and is going on pretty well. People have gone to work, children have gone to school and others are busy with their work. But yeah, it seems doomsday has arrived.

I have always noticed that man no matter what his state of mind is, he is an optimistic being. For years together everybody has predicted the end of world, end of time but still he merrily goes around planning for the future.

In the times of Mahabharat when Yaksha asked Yudhishtira or Dharmaraya “What is the greatest wonder of this world”, he had answered “The fact that man makes plans for tomorrow, when he doesn’t know when his life going to end.”

But my question is, are we really living in a doomsday-free world. When I look around me, I see happiness, family, love, smiles. But I also see destruction, corruption, brutality also.

Where is the humanness in the people who destroyed the life of that young girl in Delhi. It makes you cringe from the society and wish that if only you could cocoon yourself from these kind of people. Where is the love in the guy who killed 27 people to avenge his mother in Connecticut in US and 18 of them were kindergarten children.

There was a time when people blatantly aborted girl child because they didn’t want the burden of daughter. Which is still going on in secrecy. But next there will come a time when people will abort a girl child because they wont be able to protect their daughter.

Today I look at my son and wonder, what if I teach him everything I can. I try my best to instill all the good qualities in my son. But what guarantee do I have that tomorrow the society will not teach him to become a cruel, evil person.

These are the times when we have fear about the people who regularly visit out homes. We pull away our daughters from virtually their own blood relatives. We hug our sons and pray god that no matter what he becomes, let him not become an animal.

One of the imaginations in the modern world today is (am sure those who follow Supernatural series are aware of this) that when Lucifer/Satan/Devil comes to earth to claim it. One of the plagues he will spread is croatoan virus, where humans become the animals and they hunt the other humans (like Cannibalism). But are we sure it is not already happening in a subtle way. Are we not already living in a man kill man world?

When the first Ice age hit the earth, the whole race of Dinosaurs became extinct. This time Earth doesn’t need it, God doesn’t need a weapon to end the race of humans, we ourselves are very much capable of doing it on our own. He might even be sitting up there, regretting the day he made us.

If I could wish I wish this, let god take matters into hand and bring the apocalypse on us. Because am a closet romantic, and when I see mothers smiling at their children, fathers working for their family, strangers helping strangers, love blossoming in unlikely places. I want to be remembered as a member of a race who knew compassion, love, kindness, humanity. I don’t want to go to that stage where humans will be remembered as a cruel, vicious and brutal species.

 Happy doomsday to you


  1. Hi Nivedita,

    Yes, you have highlighted the plight of living in a modern world where, existence itself, seems like an unsafe task. Humans are of so many types and varieties and of different shades and hues of saneness.

    Loved reading this post.


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    1. hi Jay,
      Thanks for reading my post. Humans are of so many colours, regret is that now a days the colour of death and cruality is more in abandance than any other.


  2. A nice write up. I liked it. I too dont want the god to regret his decision of creating a universe filled with intelligent creature ...the Humans. We better make this planet a virtual heaven. Very good post by you.

  3. Nivi, a nice blend of thoughts flowing freely from your analyzing mind. God knew well when he made Adam and Eve, he was aware they will be tempted by the fragrance of the apple; because he only made that. Had he not intended that he would not have warned them of the dire consequences of eating that!
    Yes. once made we were filled with both goods and bads, so he gave us thoughts. We have a knife that serves to cut fruit but it can as well serve to split a throat!!!
    You are true we need to learn more of the first act and seldom attempt the sevond. We do the opposite n more of do it,!!!! thats the DOOMS DAY for MANKIND.
    Very very nice and apt posting, Nivi


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