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Last chance

“Did you hear what happened”

“I heard, I was shocked... how did all this happen”

“Oh, it was not a sudden death, after a long suffering dying was a relief actually”

“But she was our baby”

“Oh, look I think he is coming”


“Settle down everybody, I know you have heard a lot of rumours in recent times and you want a confirmation about the tragic events. It is with wounded heart and grave disappointment I have to announce today that, Humanity is no more. She was suffering from a long time and last night she finally drew her last breath. Humanity struggled a lot to be alive, but I regret to tell you that we could not save her” said Honesty with tears in his eyes.

Kindness wiped her tears and asked in choked voice “How did this happen, I mean what is the cause of her death”

Honesty took a moment to gather his wits and answered “Kindness you know that Humanity took birth from a part of all of us, and when we weakened, her death was the first causality”

 Diligence asked in a strong voice “But we took care of her in everyway we can, how did then she get so weak”

Honesty glared at Diligence for questioning the cause “Diligence you of everybody should understand the effort she put to keep herself alive. Its not that she wanted to die, she begged to be kept alive.”

 Charity said in weak voice “I can’t believe that she is gone, She was my baby”

Honesty said in a consoling voice “Charity, she was baby to all of us. With her death, a part of all of us died with her”

Patience questioned Honesty again “But she could be brought back isn’t it, that is the beauty of a virtue, she can always be brought back to life. We just have to give them time”

Honesty snapped back in an angry voice “Why should we give them time patience, all they have done till this day is make fun of us, break our vows at every possible turn. They used us for their selfish gains. They always were sons and daughters of sins, its only us who kept believing in Love and maintained silence. Do you think they deserved Humanity. And do you think they will keep us alive so that we can bring back Humanity. We are all at the death door Patience, no amount of giving time will change that”

Suddenly they hear sounds of shouting, merry making and partying

Honesty turned towards everybody and said , “Do you guys here that, those the seven sins partying for her death. They are growing strong by her death. I don’t think we should wait for them to kill us mercilessly, we will just have go away and find some other place to spread our values, our virtues.”


“Wait” a voice boomed over all the noise. Everybody turned towards the source to find Love striding towards them .

“Don’t make decisions you are blinded by grief”  she said.

Everybody had questions, doubts and grief in their eyes.

She took honesty by hand to show him something, she pointed  and said “Look there, a mother who is teaching her child to be honest. And look here a father teaching his son to ride cycle with patience. There a woman is helping that homeless with kindness. Here a doctor is treating his patient with Diligence. There a family is donating their surplus in charity. Look there a teenage boy resisting bad influence and etching his own way with temperance.”

“Do you still think they are not worth us, that we should leave them at the mercy of sins.” Questioned Love.

Honesty pulled himself free of love’s clutches and answered “You love everybody no matter what they do, that is your problem, because that is your virtue. Have they left us any choice, you know that already hope is suffering, am old now, and you , you have become an illusion, patience has lost her powers and nobody even remembers diligence now. Why should we not leave them ??”

Loved smiled and in a calming voice answered honesty “Because there is still enough good that we can work from there, because we always believed that even if one good is left that is enough to fight the bad. Only one ray of light is enough to fight the darkness”

Honesty turned towards other virtues with questions in his eyes. When he saw what they all wanted he let out a sigh and said to Love “Okay for your sake we will give them another chance. We will stay till that time until we have hope of bringing back humanity. The day hope dies, we leave”

Love had tears in her eyes “Thank you, thank you so so much. Am sure they will understand. Am sure they will bring back humanity”

After everybody left, Love turned towards humans and whispered “Come on dear friends, I know you can do it, I know you are worth it. Its your last chance to prove it. Last chance “


  1. nice visualization of events and depiction in a different yet effective way. Nivi.. I was expecting some role of justice here. Nice one anyway.

  2. When a soldier came running and told his captain..."Sir enemies surrounded our camp..we are trapped.." Captain cool says "Wow..a great we can attack from all the sides.." these are the lines came in to my mind when i read your excellent narration about the world.

    Who says virtual world is not a good to is good to live on. Very complex effort in a telling manner..on the reading flow..I soul came out..and talking to me. Great stuff!


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