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My 10 most favourite songs

There will be days, once in a while when you want to just want to listen to all your favourite songs, the songs which touched you at one or the other time. And ofcourse sing along with it.. if possible in the loud voice, not caring what will anybody think J I understand that feeling, and today not only am going to listen and sing loudly those songs. But am going to share them with you. My 10 most favourite songs and why I like them.
I will start from 10th position to the first one.. like a count down (I know very dramatic) 10. A beautiful song from "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge". Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and   Udit Narayan....Na jaane mere, dil ko kya hogaya....

I really loved the song and the way they try to understand what they are feeling.. not ready to accept that they are in love.. but just cant ignore that maybe they are in love.... was crazy about this song for a long time. I still smile whenever i hear this song and ofcourse sing along every line..

9. Frozen sung by Madon…


pic courtesy: Google images He was sitting in Café Coffee Day, sipping his coffee and staring at the small package lying on the table in front of him. A gift which was long overdue. He sighed thinking he has to hurry, he has to still pick up his bags and reach airport right on time, to catch the flight to Delhi. Before that, he had to make a phone call. He picked up the package and smiled thinking what will her reaction be after seeing the gift inside. He was getting engaged after 2 days and will be married in a month. But this gift was not for his would-be wife. This was for someone special, from his past.
He remembered the first time he had met her in her friend’s "house warming" party. She was dressed very elegantly but she was not the standing-out-in-the-crowd kind. She was the blending kind. He was surprised that he noticed her. She had smiled at him and her eyes had sparkled behind those glasses of hers. But she was still not noticeable enough to hold his interests.
He r…

The woman with red toe nails

Sharat was standing in front of the mirror tying his tie for the "Meeting". There was a frown on his face, he remembered the conversation he had with his mother. "But ma, I don't even know her, forget about knowing her, am just settling in my life, I still need to reach many goals before I think about marriage". Oh how he tried to explain her his situation. "But Sharat, she is a nice girl from a very good, orthodox family. And more over you don't have to decide immediately, atleast meet her once. Now don't give excuses on meeting her also, am not hearing another pip from you. Believe me she is a good, orthodox girl, you will like her, she is just like you." His mother had laid the ultimatum. He umphed and uffed to get his frustration out. "orthodox girl" he thought. That is the reason he doesnt want to meet her. He finished tying his tie and looked himself at the mirror, looked at the image of a decent, orthodox, boring banker he was lo…

Battery recharged

Pic Courtesy : Google images
A whistling sound, I got up with groggy droopy eyes cursing the kid in my dream for whistling so loudly and waking me up, only to find out that it was my phone which was whistling to notify me that its battery is charged and I should take the plug out and save energy. Now isn't that a eco-friendly thought. I smiled and unplugged that little disturber and fell back on my pillow and tried vainly to wake up my hubby as he had informed me that he had go early to office today. There in my half sleep and half awake state while I was mixing up dreams and reality, I thought how nice if I was like my mobile, as soon as I get my quota of sleep I just get all perked up and ready to work, no sleep headedness, no droopy eyes and no long yawnings reminding the warmth of the bed and beside ;).  My thought extended beyond sleep after a point. Like if  I was like a mobile I would have a song for every mood, I can be switched off and on and lo behold no more hang ups. A…