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Battery recharged

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A whistling sound, I got up with groggy droopy eyes cursing the kid in my dream for whistling so loudly and waking me up, only to find out that it was my phone which was whistling to notify me that its battery is charged and I should take the plug out and save energy. Now isn't that a eco-friendly thought. I smiled and unplugged that little disturber and fell back on my pillow and tried vainly to wake up my hubby as he had informed me that he had go early to office today.
There in my half sleep and half awake state while I was mixing up dreams and reality, I thought how nice if I was like my mobile, as soon as I get my quota of sleep I just get all perked up and ready to work, no sleep headedness, no droopy eyes and no long yawnings reminding the warmth of the bed and beside ;). 
My thought extended beyond sleep after a point. Like if  I was like a mobile I would have a song for every mood, I can be switched off and on and lo behold no more hang ups. Ah life would be so easy.
Well I was still tossing and turning, reluctant to get up and then my most reliable and most wonderful alarm clock sounded "amma, amma". My son, who gets up dot on time everyday morning (am very sure he didnt get that quality from me). So he gets up, calls me and in a very decisive tone informs me that his sleep is over (dadda aatu) and just gets up and starts playing. No sleepheadedness, no droopy eyes and no yawnings.
So my dream got a conclusion. Even we were like that when we were so young. My phone is still young so it doesnt know the stress of grown ups ;). Well now I had to get up, I walked up to the mirror and saw my messy face with my half opened eyes and a new thought started, what if we could grow up and still be young. Young at heart, oh I envy my son for all that enthusiasm he has for everything.
I opened my eyes a little more and said to myself yawning. From tomorrow I will be young at heart, today let me be sleepy :)


  1. Good one Nivedita, your wish of if you were like a mobile is actually a common wish of all men regarding their wives. All man believe that if they would have waited a bit more they would have got a better models which could easily be switched off...:P

  2. hahahaa :D good one :D this is wat is celebration of little things :D enjoyyyyyyyy....
    Love your posts!!!

    1. thanks :) glad you enjoyed it... dont we all love to sleep a little more :D

  3. you can be young at 60 and old at 18. Young is a state of mind!!

    I dont think of myself as a grown up old boring person .. (lol am not tht grown up, but I am not in my teens either)

  4. Replies
    1. Hope you got recharged as well :) thank you

    2. yesterday was Nive day all together. would finish of the rest of your posts today! :) so yes charging up!!


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