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Conscience calls

Where are my keys.... hmmm.. I had kept it in my purse I remember it ... well I can never get anything I am searching for ... its fate... I just.... Rachana's monologue trailed of as a memory for past just pushed itself to gain her attention.
"You are always losing things.. Its because you just don't focus on one thing... you are doing this, seeing that and thinking something else... "
She shook her head and snapped herself out of that memory. She didn't have time to dwell on it like usually she would love to do. The sky was overcast and she had to finish her weekly shopping and reach home before it started pouring.
"Forget the keys I will find it later... But why am I remembering him?!!!"
"Because you miss him"... Rachana wondered where did the voice come from. She turned in a circle standing in the grains aisle of the supermarket.
"My crazy imagination"
"Its not your imagination that is crazy, its you who is crazy because you are mi…