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Twice in a lifetime (Part II)

(Read the first part of the story here )
Immediately she got a reply “Oh sweetheart, thank god you are back :) ”
She could sense his relief and smiles. She got dressed up with care, but when she looked around her home to see Kapil’s things she didn’t have the heart yet to move them. She thought to her self “Baby steps Namrata, baby steps”
She had let her hair down that day and wore a beautiful cream Salwar, when she opened a inch of Arvind’s office door and asked him “Coffee?”
He looked up from his laptop and grinned at her, and when she entered his office with coffee cups, he caught his breath. He immediately got up, took the coffee cups from her hand and put on the table. He held her shoulders and looked her up and down in scrutiny, as if seeing her in this attire for the first time. He twirled her around to see and she laughed. An open heart felt laugh. His heart tugged him at that sound, she looked lovely, like a goddess. He took a step back from the intoxicating presence of her and g…

Twice in a lifetime (Part I)

“Ma’am, that fax you were waiting for has arrived.” Namrata in her formal pant suit and tight bun at the nape of her neck, turned back to look at her chirpy assistant, no she corrected, assistant to her assistant, whose smile and optimism always put a smile on her face. She just nodded towards her and said “keep it over that table, I will have look at it later”. As soon as the assistant left, Namrata rushed to the table to pick up the fax and read the contents in it. “Dear Mrs.Namrata, Attached herewith is the receipt of the donation made in the name of Kapil Niranjan........ .....................” Her eyes were stuck on the line Mrs.Namrata. After a long time her eyes filled up on their own and she just wished that she didn’t feel so vulnerable after 3 years of Kapil’s death. She sighed and folded the fax and crammed it into her purse. Namrata Niranjan was the head of the legal department of “Rajput Group of Companies”. She was driven, head strong and a hell of a negotiator. When she j…