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A humble plea to bullet riders - From a drooling onlooker

Till today I haven't encountered a person who is not impressed by Bullet. The "dug dug dug" sound like beat of a thunderous drums creates an amazing illusion of an impressive rider on the amazing beast. 
Before I let you on to my plea let me tell you a bit about the beast you ride with pride. Way back in 1955 The Indian Government looked for a suitable motorcycle for its police and army for patrolling the country's border. The Royal Enfield Bullet was chosen as the most suitable bike for the job. 

You are riding a bike used in many military operations and even in WW II. So please hear a plea of a humble drooling onlooker before you ride on in your pride.

Every bullet rider might not be a bike enthusiast but every biker is a bullet enthusiast. And also every onlooker who gives you a look while you drive with that patented "potato potato" sound blasting through your bike. 

By a unconscious consensus there are certain etiquette you have to follow if you are riding a bullet so that it won't lead to a disappointing cringe worthy reactions from the people you are trying to impress. 

1. Don't, Oh please DO NOT wear flashy clothes while you are riding a Bullet. Its a magnificent vehicle. Like the mysterious, powerful, brooding tall dark handsome guy in any girl's dream. Don't spoil the image with you flashy-underwear peeking- hot-pants.  

2. Do Not Break Rules while on Bullet. Being on bullet commands a respect, when you stand among the traffic its like the tiger entering the jungle council meeting. They just give way, So don't try tricks of Hyena. 

3. Do Not Spit, eve tease or generally do any work to bring shame to your bike. Other bikes might be accessories to the person. But you are the accessory to The Bullet. 

4. Having, Possessing or even riding a bullet suggests you are a person with well balanced thinking power. To command a bullet means you are in the next step of your life. Don't spoil that image with your cringe worthy disgusting habits like being rude and self absorbed #%$%^# on road

5. If a woman is looking at you while you are on your bullet .. 99 % of the time they are drooling at the bullet. Don't act smart. Revel in the bask of their attention. Someday you might encounter that 1% who will be impressed by you because of the bullet

6. Keep your impressive beast in immaculate condition. There is nothing off-putting than a dirty looking bullet. Give it some tender caring love. They serve you well 

7.  Don't do unpatriotic things while being a Bullet rider. Remember it was first brought to the country to be used by Army and Police. Have some respect towards its legacy

So as a crazy fan of Bullet, this is my humble request.

P.S.: Girls... Ride as you wish.. you rock as it is 😊😊


  1. Wow...who will not see or hear the great sound of a bullet.. as name describes it is a bullet from a full loaded double barrel gun. Amazing vehicle..which i have not tested so far..but will do sometime in my life. You have really listed all the don't which is very much true...there is nothing we need to do..just it will take care of itself...superb compilation from a crazy fan of a monster on the road...superb CB..Yet again one more special..rather surprisingly special...

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