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Did I ever tell you?????

"Did I ever tell you that I love you???" He asked her suddenly without any prelude. She was ironing her saree when he asked it. She was surprised at this question, not because he asked it, but because he took so long to realize it.

30  years of marriage is considered enough time to realize that you havent still expressed your love in words. She smiled at him and said "No, but why are you asking now, today of all days??"

"Huh, I just want you to know that I love you, I care about you a lot and am happy because of you"

And now she was really surprised. She switched off the iron and turned to face him. She looked at him with worry in her eyes and asked "What happened Debu.. are you alright?? Is something bothering you?"

He touched her cheek with tenderness and assured her "No dear, just wanted to tell you. Dont worry"
3 months back
Debasish Mohanty had never felt so vulnerable in his whole life as he felt at that moment, when his daughter Riddima announced that she is in love with a guy who works with her and she wants to marry him. She was not asking for permission, rather it was like imparting information. Debu had always let her grow in her own way, never tried to control her or force her to follow his lead. And the credit of this independence obviously went to Rima Mohanty, Debu's wife.

That night when they both were alone he had asked her, how did this happen, how did his daughter grow up so much that she just took such an important decision without even indicating him in any way. Rima had smiled and told that "She grew up long back debu, its just us who have not grown with her. She told me about him before also, but then I didnt think it was serious"

He turned to her and questioned "How did she know he loves her, I mean he may be just attracted to her?? How will I be sure the he will take care of her"

"According to what she told me, he waited long time for her acceptance and never once wavered from his declaration that he loves her. And that patience won her over"

"Declaration of love?? Seriously. This is fishy, no man in his right mind would declare his love so blatantly. He is just trying to blind her with all this love stuff?" He had walked away saying this.

Rima had whispered to herself "Everbody dont wait years for declaration of love which they know lies behind the care debu"

When Debu had met Sahil, he was ready with a huge magnifying glass in his head, to find out the smallest of smallest mistake of that guy, which can be used to convince his daughter that this guy was not right for her. But to his disappointment he couldnt find any strong dislike towards that sweet, matured, kind person sitting in front of him smiling and tolerating debu's frowns. Debu had to concede defeat and agree to this union. Not that if he disagreed his daughter would have listened to him, but he still wanted to maintain the "Head of the Family" title, even if it was just in name.

In the later days as and when he met his future son in law, an admiration grew within debu for Sahil, the way he handled his headstrong daughter, the respect for debu even when debu was undeserving sometimes and most of all he saw the care and love in Sahil's eyes for his darling daughter.

Debu was surprised at the open way Sahil was showing his love, surprised at the confidence Sahil had on his daughter that she wont just break his heart and walk away.

As the wedding day grew nearer, Debu learnt a lot of things about Sahil and from Sahil. Eventually he had to agree that his daughter's choice was unquestionable.

Debu started seeing things in new light, he saw Rima in new way. He saw her love and care for him. The way she handled his life and home to make things easier for him. He acknowledged the fact that it is not easy to live with him, and only Rima could have tolerated his eccentricities. He always knew he loved her, a love which had gradually grown through years of companionship. Which was not hot and volcanic but rather mellow and constantly flowing.

Debu realized that he never told her that he loved her and she never demanded it. He remembered the whisper which she thought he didnt hear. The whisper which gave an insight into her heart, which he had not tried to look before. A whisper which told him that she needed that declaration, she deserved it and she was worth it. He decided then and there to tell her. Suddenly telling her that he loves her became very very important to Debu, suddenly he couldnt hold back the emotions in his heart like before. He had to tell her, fast. But he didnt know how. Suddenly a ripple of anxiety and nervousness waved through the calm pool of thier life.

This ripple didnt go unnoticed by Rima, but she ignored it thinking he was reacting to adding Sahil as a family member in few days. As the marriage day neared his nervousness grew, he felt like a lovesick young boy rather than a 56 year old father of a bride. Many ideas came into his mind to express it to her, from candlelight dinner to an expensive gift but he rejected everything as not up to the mark.
Everybody was busy with the wedding preparations, nobody gave a heed to the aloofness of debu. Afterall he was supposed to be pensive and moody as the father of a bride. But Debu's thoughts were revovling around Rima and her love, he picked up all the small things she likes, and also noticed the way she had moulded herself around his life like she wore a saree whose colour was his favourite, she had stopped eating a particular vegetable because he hates it. Seeing all this Debu fell in love with Rima again and again at every turn and every smile of hers and wondered why it took 30 years for him to realize all this.
Marriage day came, and without any complaints the wedding was over. Debu was standing at the threshold with telltale tears in his eyes. No father no matter how reserved can hold back when his little princess is going away forever to some other household. Rima was shedding tears with her daughter telling her how much she loves her. At that moment Debu realized, you dont need a special occasion to tell somebody that you love them, love itself is so special that you just express it and the moment becomes special on its own.
Debu felt an amazing calming emotion in his heart looking at two most precious people for him in this world. Felt like he is the most richest person alive and by welcoming Sahil into his family, he has only gained a son rather than losing a daughter. He then and there decided that he will express his feelings, his love to his wife as soon as possible.
It took a week for everything to return to normal in Debu's house albeit the absence of his daughter was noticeable.
Debu had bought a special gift for Rima, a ring. He had planned that he will go down on his knees and express his love to Rima.
The next day when Rima was ironning the clothes, Debu walked up to stand behind her and just without any prelude...
"Did I ever tell you that I love you???" .She was surprised at this question, he could tell she was surprised, but good surprised or bad he didnt know. 

She smiled at him and said "No, but why are you asking now, today of all days??"

"I just want you to know that I love you, I care about you a lot and am happy because of you"

And now she was really surprised. She switched off the iron and turned to face him. She looked at him with worry in her eyes and asked "What happened Debu.. are you alright?? Is something bothering you?"

He touched her cheek with tenderness and assured her "No dear, just wanted to tell you. Dont worry" and then he went down on his knees, pulled her hand forward and puts the ring on her finger and kisses it with all the love.
Standing up he questioned her with hope "This is not some emotion which sprung up as a result of Riddima's marragie. I always loved you, you knew that dont you?"
Rima  with tears and twinkle in her eyes told him, assured him with a mischievous smile "I kinda guessed it a long time back, but thanks for telling me. It means a lot" and blushed like it was she who was the new bride rather than her daughter. And thought "Expressing love is not the only way to love, but expressing one's love will strengthen the bond between two people who are in love"



  1. The story starts with the proposal ... of already married couple for 30 years .... excellent
    loved the part when Debasish falls back in love with Rima, actually rises in love with her ... and the way she says " I kinda guessed it long time back" wonderful story

  2. Fantastic story Nivi what a way this has been narrated classic love every line and the little twists all through out :D
    you are fantastic story teller :D keep writing :)

  3. this story kept me stare at this page for quite some time! i loved the emotions involved and the way its told. words well put! :)

  4. Nivedita you are a story teller par excellence. Always i loved the emotional drain which gives a soothing effect in any relation. That too life partners exchanging the tender love expression in the matured age just brings the happiness from the paradise.



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