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Lucky Charms

Everybody have lucky charms, favourite pens/pencils, comfy corner of the room, silly superstitions and great belief in them. Every time I think about it, I find that friends are similar to these random charms of our life. Friends…….. the most amazing group of people in our life. They are always there in our life, waiting by us, tending to us and encouraging us.

Like the lucky pen we took to every exam in our life, even though we know that our brain should work, somehow writing with that pen made us feel much more confident about the results. Like the lucky T-shirt or cap or jacket that we wore to our most important event and years later we fish it out to wear it even if it is faded or torn, so that we don’t miss out on the luck in the important steps of our life. They are like the cozy corners of our home, where we can snuggle up when we are lonely. Where there is no need of talk or noise, even silence is comfortable. Like the lucky charms and knickknacks that we save in our jewelry box. They are needed for every small and big moment of our life.

There are hundreds of examples and stories which show the importance of friends. Even Majnu and Ranja have had friends to keep a look out when they met their Laila or Heer. The notoriously famous Sherlock needed a Dr.Watson to think. While Frodo walked miles to the end, it was Sam who held his hand. And let’s not forget that even Krishna and Ram needed a friend to confide.

Many a times our hand might have held it to throw those charms away and then we feel it, caress it and think of all the good times we shared. Then there are times, when they sort of come in our way, when we are searching things which we think are important but then, those important things may be costlier but then we look back and straighten those charms with smile because these have more value. Friends are like them, we may not understand them completely, we may not agree with them regularly, but it is not possible that we lose them completely. They are like the positive energy in our life. It is not impossible to lose a friend, but then is it not very easy to break an object. It just takes one smile, one memory or one reminder to remember them and smile.

When I feel I am stuck, when I start something new, when I feel I can’t do this anymore, when I feel lost, when I feel that I am standing at the starting line of a race, I look back at that small and bright corner of my world and see the small group of people cheering me, reminding me to just keep one foot in front of another and move forward. Its then that I feel I have won, even without the race. I smile and think “My lucky charms”


  1. It matters not when it comes to sharing ones own feelings, thoughts and spill-out for mind could be a male or a female confide. But many a times it happens that such things happen with the opposite sex... !! nice analysis and summarizing write-up Nivi...good.

  2. The wonderful moments spent will always be with someone we trust or someone we know they will raise their hands with our hands in the ups and downs of the life. Anything and everything which accompanies us in our life always close to heart. A write up or a well spent minutes, or rather tower of silence we sitting on for a moment all these makes our life even more beautiful. It is one more staple from your creative table where in arranging a little tiny beeds to make a good piece to decorate the neck to see the glow in the face. Even though being one among many gives strength, always looking at a positive vibe spreading friends or things makes us feel on high with confidence.
    I like the way you have constructed that beautiful feel from the start to end in this write up.. Nivi special at again!!!

  3. Nice Read !!
    Lucky Charms do work wonders sometimes..

  4. Hmmm.......... It's just mind playing tricks!
    Btw must say a good read (y)

  5. u made me think about all my lucky charms :)


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