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The world as I understood.....

I was always a dog-person, never feared dogs and never cringed from them at first contact. But then I had dog as a pet, as a companion. I was sure I can understand dogs, because I understood my dog. But now the dog is gone not only from my life but also from my person and I have turned to just a "person" from "dog person".

Until I thought I understood dogs, I understood them. But now when I am not very sure I can understand them, then lo behold, I can't understand them.

There are many instances in my life when I couldn't understand things just because I thought I can't understand it. When I was in school, I understood mathematics fairly. After all, in my eyes, my brother and father were geniuses on earth who always got more than 95% in mathematics. Surely, at least by mistake I could have got a fraction of their DNA and I can understand Math.  So with this courage I entered my first PUC (Science), opened the new Mathematics textbook and then... I went blank...What the @&$$*# is this!!!!!! ...... I closed the book and said, I cant understand it. And even today I don't understand how I sailed through PUC mathematics. 

Well now am not that naive to think that just because I thought I don't understand, I couldn't understand. Because I am smart enough to know that I went through math all my high school on a strong belief that I can do it.

Am smart enough to know that until I have the belief that I can understand, I will understand at least a fraction of it. It is not only about a subject or dog, there were people around me about whom I was sure I could never understand them. But eventually I understood that people are not meant to be understood. People are to be read like a book, every time you read it you can understand a whole new level of it. But the line draws on the day I say I can't understand, at that moment I would have closed all the available ways to understand.

As it is said "You MAY lose a battle if you fight, But will be definitely lose a battle if you dont fight". Likewise, I may never understand a person, work or anything even after trying, But I will never understand anything if I dont even try.

The world as I understood, is still full of surprises and miracles. I figure out (or I think I do) one thing and another springs up with "Surprise" written all over it. And at the end of the day, it might just seem that I haven't learned anything today, that’s when I place my hope and belief on the next day and eagerly wait for the sunrise, so that I can start over once again.


  1. Legend says is dog is a most faithful animal to the mankind..or rather best friend of human being. Yes it is also the confidence level in ourselves is also a best friend without whom we can not live or alive!!!

    When we show affection to wags its tile, when we keep confidence in our confidence...then that also just pushes to take the challenges head on.

    What a way to summarise the importance of looking at the world with wide we can expand our horizon of knowledge.

    Always i envy your thoughts rolling down from your article is just like a snow ball starts slowly in a small magnitude but at the end of the article..the reader will have in full.

    Super stuff nivi.. personally i liked it very much.. Take the challenges head-on..your head will be on always..that is the take from this beautiful writeup!!!


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