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Confessions 12 - contentment


This, this moment is the best time of my life. If there was a god above and he decided that today at this moment I will take my last breath. I am happy to do that.

I know you don’t know this, maybe you won’t even notice it. And maybe future has more beautiful moments for me. But this moment, right now is the best till now.

You sitting there on the ledge, full moon to your back, the roar of the waters in the background, me standing here with a plate full of love and feeding you dinner.

You are telling a story, I may never remember that in future. Because I will remember all the other details of the night. Your swinging legs which are bumping into me, your sparkling eyes looking at me, the naughty smile on your lips when you see me smile, the fragrance of you enveloping me in your magic and most of all the childlike quality with which you are eating from my hands and the amazing feel in my heart when am feeding you with my hands.

I don’t know why you asked me for this. I don’t want to think why. I don’t want to think if this is going somewhere, if it meant anything, if it is leading to something big, are we becoming something else. Because all I want to feel is this happiness I am feeling when you sigh with content after every bite.

Maybe this is what they call as contentment. Where the past is not nagging you, the future is not worrying you and you are just here in this moment, feeling it with all your heart and body.


Wow the feel, being pampered must be the ultimate pleasure of life. I know what you are thinking or not thinking. I knew you wouldn’t say no to this request. But I know you will never ask me why, what, how etc. You are just there in this moment. If I could say, I would say, maybe someday I will say, this moment, right now is bliss. The full moon, the sound of the waves, the light breeze and sitting in this perfect place with you feeding me with your hands. Wow….

The happiness on your face is brighter than that moonlight, but believe me its me who is more happy. This is a girl’s ultimate dream, someone who loves them so much that they pamper them beyond reason. Who knew eating from your hands will be so magical. I touch your hair once in a while in between the bites and my words and I see the warmth that pools in your eyes. I know you love me, maybe you will not tell me until I will coax it out of you. But not right now, right now is perfect.

I have always wondered how is that I feel so cherished and secure with you. Like am worth it… no like you are worth me. But I will stop thinking now, I just want to feel this moment. This moment which is calming my ever running mind and settling down my heart with this warmth. A warmth I didn’t know till now that it existed out of my dreams.

Maybe this is what they call as contentment. Where the past is not nagging you, the future is not worrying you and you are just here in this moment, feeling it with all your heart and body.  


  1. not take even a single ounce of food ..enough enough...probably or normally contentment appears from no where while consuming the food.

    But in this article a perfectly set Orchestra of love, affection can have the same feel.

    Both the sides version is amazingly beautiful. Like it us ordered love and executed to perfection. The describing Beauty of the landscape and your way involving the beauty of the ambience with his and her love...superb...

    Soecial for the weeke with cb special


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