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New journey

“Hatheli bar yaadon ko sametke, Yunhi chale jaa rahe he hum,

Dhoondli dhoondli si rahe he, aur manzil na hone ki nehin he gham,

Aapne aap se waqt guzaara nehin kabhi, Apne aap ko jaanne ki  mauka liya he abhi,

Bas kadam se kadam badaake chal rahe kahin,

Dhoondli dhoondli si rahe he, aur manzil ki ab koi fhikhar nehin....."

And right now this is the truth of my life,

At age 29, I have started a new journey of knowing myself, I have the company of few selected memories and a promise of long journey to go by. 

We strive so much to know and understand others, our near and dear ones, we memorize their habits, their likes, we react to and expect from their behavior. We think nobody can understand them better than us, but what about ourselves?

This question awakened me one morning, then I started asking questions, how much do I know myself, I know all the likes of my loved one but what about my likes, do I like this or that? Do I prefer to be like this or that? And I found out that, these were the most difficult questions I ever answered, because I was asking myself and I was not ready to lie to myself.J. That is when I realized one thing that if we understand ourselves better than anybody else, am very sure we can avoid all the confusion of emotions in our mind.

Why do we get confused ? only because we don’t know how we have to react, logic says one possibility whereas the heart says another. But if we true and honest with ourselves then there has to be no choice, the answer will show itself like a beacon in our mind. I know the perks of all this, happy to be making this journey at least now. But few steps in this journey and I have realized, the most difficult part of your life is knowing yourself. There can be no pretense, no lies. You cannot push off a question and say this is how I am, once the journey starts the heart and mind starts questioning you in such an intense manner that there is no other choice than facing the questions and answering honestly. But I think even though the journey is hard and hard hitting, the result will be satisfying.

The greatest obstacle of knowing myself is me, and I intend to plow through myself to get to know me. So here is a cheer to myself who is ready to face anything to know myself. J


  1. Welcome to Blogworld, you should have sent me the link :D how come you do something so nice and dont send me link :D not again :D I am following you right away :D

    All the best, keep writing :D

  2. gud start ...i m happy to c that u hv started writing ur blog nw ..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. 'because I was asking myself and I was not ready to lie to myself' ...Wow!! U summarized our confusions in one line...
    Great start :)


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