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Nostalgic.. am I ????

Ok so who isn't.. i mean nostalgic.. every once in a while we pay a respectful (Sometimes tearful) visit to our past and relive the moments...
The other day my brother had come home and between talks we started talking about our childhood. The most interesting topic was how our weekend used to be...
We never used to get up on time (before time?? never in the history) .. always got up after being continuously nagged by mom.. but come Sunday (As you can remember.. those times weekend means half day of saturday and sunday) we used to up by 7.00 A.M. (yeah hard to believe) reason??? .... well reason was that at 7.15 A.M  Rangoli used to start and as we used to get only one channel (The Omnipresent - Doordarshan) we could actually see songs only through Chitrahaar (Wednesdays), Chitramanjari (Kannada songs on Fridays) and Rangoli.....
So we used to get up early to watch Rangoli and our sunday used to start... at 8 A.M (after rangoli ends) we used to start our morning chores and routines. At 9 A.M Mahabharat used to start ... We learnt most of our mythology through this show and Amar Chitra Katha ofcourse.... and at 10.00 Tom and Jerry used to start .... and wow we loved it.. after that we used to finish our chores and bath etc.. and lo the lunch time was already there.... we used to watch regional-language-national-award winning movies with Dad and ofcourse get bored and fall asleep... get up with droopy eyes at 4 p.m. to watch Kannada movie.. and believe me when i say that we used to watch that movie no matter how bad it was.. we used to crib that it is so bad but still watch it...  and then our sunday used to end with dinner and Hindi movie of the week.....
Oh yeah and of course homework... we used to get one and half days to complete our meagre homework and we used to do it only on sunday night, at the time of bed.
Our whole sunday used to revolve around that Idiotic box... but am glad am of that generation... things used to be simple back then.... Sunday was special day for everything.. special breakfast, lunch and dinner, special day for personal grooming, special day for watching Television and special day to relax, a very special day to be with Family....
We used to have One channel and enjoy sunday so much with it.. now a days i get around 200+ channels yet i struggle to find one good programme to watch on a weekend... its like they are taking a revenge on me for having such good sundays that they broadcast all bad programmes on weekend.... now a days i have hundred ways to groom myself, so many easy ways to cook that i dont need sunday to make a special meal or relax....
Myself and my brother, we talked all this and how our lives has changed today and suddenly fell silent for a few moments... am sure even he was missing those days....
I ask ... Nostalgic ... Am I??? Now why shouldnt I be... i had a great childhood and have wonderful memories to fall back whenever i feel low.... They make me smile, they make me thank for what i have and what i am today.....They make me stop for a moment and enjoy my life.. they dont let me just breeze through my life with an unknown destination in mind, they make me enjoy the journey of life...  Nostalgic.. Am I??? Thank god I am...
Happy memories :)


  1. Truly said. Those says will never come back. We can only reminisce about them. :)
    Good work.

  2. Nicely put...ahh those days..sometimes I wish I could time travel

    1. I know .. sometimes even i wish there was an option.. time by time we need a healthy dose of memories to keep us smiling :) thanks for reading

  3. Ohhh those days ... We had so less yet so much ...

    1. May be the so less was the condition which made us enjoy it even more :)

  4. I think we both are contemporaries... whatever you have written is all took from my mouth and memories. Thanks for sharing... :)

    1. :) Glad to know that somebody share my interests and thinking... thanks for reading and nice to know you

  5. Quite an expression of 'intense love' in your blog. Invite you to read my haiku's and poetry on love.

    Arun Raj

  6. Dear Arun Raj
    Thanks for reading... i had no idea about haiku.. googled it and found that yours is really interesting.. keep it up ..enjoyed reading your blog :)


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