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The perfect day

He was very excited to sleep all night. He was scared of waking up late, but now as the morning is nearing his excitement is replaced by anxiety, what if something goes wrong, it has to be perfect day. Then all of the sudden a strong feeling is arising in his heart, an urge to see her now, right now. But he hesitates, he pulls back, but his heart pushes him, he thinks what if somebody sees, they say it is bad luck, but then the desire to see her is much stronger than anything now. He gets up and walks up to her room. He opens the door without making sound; he didn’t want to disturb her. He just wanted to see her once, amazed to see her sleeping like a baby, she still can take his breath away, his heart sighs thinking oh how beautiful she is, how radiant, so pure, her skin is glowing like moonlight. He remembers he has never noticed how angelic she looks while sleeping, her silky hair is drawing him to feel them, and that smile at the end of her lips, he smiles, he wonders, maybe she is dreaming about tomorrow.

 He walks and sits by her bed, oh how he wants to touch her, his heart is longing to kiss her, his fingers are begging to bury themselves in her curls, just to touch her cheek and feel its smoothness. He realizes where he is and he can’t believe he is here, now the anxiety is more, the day has to be perfect, but this time it’s not for him, it’s for her, it has to be perfect for her, just to see that smile reach her eyes.

 Abruptly he gets up, he is eager to make this day perfect from this moment, he vows to make her happy starting now. The sun is rising, and with it raises the hope of happiness which is about to enter his life. It is just a matter of time before she gets up to welcome this day, he wants to do something, to start this beautiful day for her. He goes out and comes back with a smile for doing something beautiful. He places the red rose next to her pillow with a card. He walks out of her room as silently as he had come.

She wakes up with a smile, suddenly a feel that he was here, he was beside her, her eyes searches the room in a silent wish. She chides her mind for having foolish hopes. She turns around and there she finds the most beautiful rose she has ever seen, and a card. Her trembling fingers open the card to read..


                I can’t wait to get married to you today...........

                                                                Love you”

And the perfect day starts......


  1. Beautiful :D how romantic Nivi loved it a lot :D Keep writing :D

    1. Actually i was inspired by a movie where the groom writes a card and keeps a rose by the bride's bed the night before the wedding.. i dont remember the movie title now.. but thats what triggered this :)

  2. hope you had a beautiful as breezy as your dream... :)

  3. Wow, if thats dreamy then that is a dream we'll never want to wake up from! LOvely!

  4. Beautiful...reminded me of mills and boon :)


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